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We know for so many people that triathlons conjure up visions of fit, buff, beautiful people strutting around in lycra with their $10000 bikes.  Well, we’re not that kind of tri!

Think of Triathlon Pink as something you’re doing with your two best friends, dressed in your normal Sunday work out gear (maybe some pink tulle if that’s your thing), riding your not very fancy bike and running / walking around a course filled with other laughing, smiling, slightly sweaty ladies.  There is an amazing sense of community amongst our participants and the overwhelming feedback we get year on year, is that people always wish they’d done it sooner.

So what are you waiting for – we don’t care if you have old or borrowed gear and no idea!  Read on for some more specific info or give us a call in the office if you need to chat about anything at all, we won’t bite 🙂

Entry fees collected for this event are used to cover the costs associated with the event delivery. To financially support our charity partner, you will need to set up a fundraising page and share this with your social networks.

We have bikes for hire available at $60 per bike (set up, delivered and collected) at our Queensland venues.  Please give us a call in the office on 0755680443 or email Nikki on [email protected] to organise.  Limited availability.

Triathlon Pink start times are separated out by event distance.

Prior to the start of each distance our swim starter will give you some last minute instructions and then you’ll line up on the pool deck with your friends doing the same distance.  One by one you’ll pin drop into the pool and start swimming – we do ask that you don’t dive as some of our pool decks are a little slippery and we don’t want the first moments of your triathlon to be a face plant!

Normally our faster ladies will be encouraged to start towards the front but in the Ultra distance, if you know you’re going to be slow getting through the 600m then we do ask that you start as early as possible.

Remember… Triathlon Pink is about fun so if you need a little extra help in the form of kick boards or pool noodles, please don’t be shy to use them (we provide noodles).  You can also rest at each end of the pool.  No snorkels or flippers allowed sorry.

You can honestly wear whatever you are comfortable in.  Most ladies choose to do the swim in their swim suit and then just change in transition (at your bike) but others also wear swimsuit, bra, bike pants for the swim and then pop on all the extra pink things they have bought along with them.  Obviously being Triathlon PINK we like the colour pink but it’s not a deal breaker if you pick another colour!

Our apparel partner Navi for Women also has some great tri suit, crop and bike pant options – check out their website at https://naviforwomen.com/

Mountain bikes, cruisers, racing bike, BMX bikes are all great options at our events. Your bike just must be in a safe working condition.

E-bikes at Triathlon Pink: pedal assisted ebikes are allowed however all ebikes must meet the Australian standard and have unmodified motors.  You must tick the ebike tick box as you enter.

E-bikes at QTS / GCT / MBT: pedal assisted ebikes are allowed however all ebikes must meet the Australian standard and have unmodified motors.  Additionally, participants MUST be in a non competitive wave (eg Mates Wave or Enticer aged over 16 years).  Please call us if you are unsure about category.  You must tick the ebike tick box as you enter.

Bike Hire: We have a limited amount of mountain bikes for hire, please contact our office to discuss – 0755680443 or email [email protected]

Yes, helmets are compulsory to participate in the event. When you enter transition to ‘rack’ your bike, you will need to put your helmet on – at this time our technical officials will check that this is safe to wear for the event.

Yes, we will issue you a coloured swim cap to wear based on your wave start. If you would prefer to wear your own, you can wear this underneath the event cap.

No wetsuits are allowed in our Triathlon Pink events.

For all other triathlons, a wetsuit decision is made based on water temperature. The water temperature is taken the morning of the race and if the water is 22 degrees or above then it is a non-wetsuit swim. If the water temperature is below 22 degrees, you will be given the option of wearing a wetsuit. It is not a requirement to wear a wetsuit if the water temp is below 22 degrees. 

Open-Elite Waves may be required to race without a wetsuit at lower water temperatures as per Triathlon Australia rules.

Think of the team as a relay with the change over point being at the cyclist’s bike.

Swimmers give the cyclist the timing chip (provided in your race pack) before the cyclist removes bike from rack and upon completion of the bike course, cyclist must rack their bike and then give the runner the timing chip before the runner begins the run.

The race number bib is to be worn by the runner only. The timing chip is to be worn by all team members on the left ankle or the team may not receive a time.

Yes we do team entries! Teams have a minimum of two and a maximum of three participants. That means one person swims, one person rides and one person runs.

If one person wants to do two legs that is fine – but if you and your friend want to participate side by side you need to do individual entries.

The term ‘transition area’ is the area where you set up your bike and ‘transition’ from the swim to bike legs and then bike to run legs. Before the start you will leave your gear for the bike and run leg next to your bike and then exit with your swim gear and head to the swim start. You can’t leave any bags or additional items in the transition area. These will be removed by officials if left.

We do recommend you leave all valuables at home however if you have a bag & personal belongings you can leave this in the bag storage area whilst you race.  The location of each bag storage area varies by location so be sure to check with the Help Desk if you are unsure where this is.  A tag from your number bib will be attached to your bag so we know which bag is yours when you come back to collect this.

Photos will be available within 24-48hrs after the race and a link to these will be placed in the post race email and in social media.

TRIATHLON EVENTS:  You are not permitted to race in any leg of the triathlon with any music devices including mobile phones, MP3 players, earphones etc, this is a very serious safety risk to you and the participants around you.

GOLD COAST RUNNING FESTIVAL / MORETON BAY RUNNING FESTIVAL:  We understand that some people simply cannot run without music – if this applies to you, we do ask to please keep the volume low or wear your headphones in one ear only so you can hear officials, competitors and course vehicles around you.  As we’re a multi lap course, it’s very common for people and course vehicles to travel up behind you.

Yes, each triathlon participant receives a timing chip as part of their race pack which is to be worn on the left ankle.  For the Gold Coast Running Festival and Moreton Bay Running Festival events, your timing chip is built into your race bib.

The full timeline for each event is within the event manual online. Please refer to this as this is the most up to date information available.

Please refer to the Transfers and Refunds page for rules around withdrawals and refunds.  If you wish to withdraw from the event, the cancellation policy as outlined in the terms and conditions applies.

Please refer to the Transfers and Refunds page for rules around entry changes.

Yes. All distances have a minimum age for participation. For more information on age restrictions please visit the event page you are interested in.

Your age for all triathlon events is the age you are as of 31st December 2023 (as per the Triathlon Australia rules).  In the case of the Gold Coast Running Festival and Moreton Bay Running Festival events, your age is calculated as of race day.

Our events cater for many levels of fitness and experience, so the key is to choose the distance that you are comfortable with. Some distances vary per location, so for a more detailed overview specific to your location, make sure you check out the specific events page.

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