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We do recommend you leave all valuables at home however if you have a bag & personal belongings you can leave this in the bag storage area whilst you race.  The location of each bag storage area varies by location so be sure to check with the Help Desk if you are unsure where this is.  A tag from your number bib will be attached to your bag so we know which bag is yours when you come back to collect this.

Photos will be available within 3-5 days after the race and a link to these will be placed in the post race email and in social media.

After the race is a great time to catch up with friends and family, make new friends with your fellow competitors and generally talk about the whole experience!  Stick around for the presentations and random prize draws, remember to put your race tag (tear it off from your race number) in the barrel, you must be present to win!

TRIATHLON EVENTS:  You are not permitted to race in any leg of the triathlon with any music devices including mobile phones, MP3 players, earphones etc, this is a very serious safety risk to you and the participants around you.

GOLD COAST RUNNING FESTIVAL:  We understand that some people simply cannot run without music – if this applies to you, we do ask to please keep the volume low or wear your headphones in one ear only so you can hear officials, competitors and course vehicles around you.  As we’re a multi lap course, it’s very common for people and course vehicles to travel up behind you.

Yes, each triathlon participant receives a timing chip as part of their race pack which is to be worn on the left ankle.  For the Gold Coast Running Festival, your timing chip is built into your race bib.

The full timeline for each event is within the event manual online. Please refer to this as this is the most up to date information available.

Please refer to the Transfers and Refunds page for rules around withdrawals and refunds.  If you wish to withdraw from the event, the cancellation policy as outlined in the terms and conditions applies.

Please refer to the Transfers and Refunds page for rules around entry changes.

Yes. All distances have a minimum age for participation. For more information on age restrictions please visit the event page you are interested in.

Your age for all triathlon events is the age you are as of 31st December 2020 (as per the Triathlon Australia rules).  In the case of the Gold Coast Running Festival, your age is calculated as of race day.

Our events cater for many levels of fitness and experience, so the key is to choose the distance that you are comfortable with. Some distances vary per location, so for a more detailed overview specific to your location, make sure you check out the specific events page.

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